‎- Module Yard Project ES&H Manager
– Assistant Manager
– Safety Officer
• Organization: OG&C
• Location: Batam Island
The assignment is initially located in the Houston office for starting in February 2012 for approximately 5 months followed by a long-term field assignment in Batam Island, Indonesia beginning July 1st.
Project Description:
The Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG) Project is a coal seam gas (CSG) to liquefied natural gas (LNG) development project on Curtis Island, near Gladstone, Queensland. Gladstone is located approximately 450 kilometers north of Brisbane on the east coast of Australia. Australia Pacific LNG has Australia’s largest CSG reserves position and is well placed to enable the creation of a world-class, long-term industry in Queensland, Australia. The Project consists of the development of the LNG plant which will have a processing capacity of up to 9 million tons per annum (Mtpa).
Bechtel is performing the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) on the project. Portions of this work will Modularized. The Modularization assembly will be completed on Batam Island, Indonesia. Batam Island is located one (1) hour (by ferry) south of Singapore. The project is scheduled for completion in 2014. The project will be performed using a Bechtel Direct Hire workforce with select subcontract support.
Role Overview
1. Provides technical support to feasibility studies, site assessment studies, and project risk assessments.
2. Informs project teams of ES&H requirements and ensures they are incorporated into processes and procedures by subcontracts, engineering, and construction personnel.
3. Develops and supervises the implementation of the ES&H plan for a specific project or facility in accordance with established polices, systems, processes, procedures and methods, client and/or host country requirements and regulations.
4. Supervises and/or performs daily monitoring of work practices of Bechtel and other contractors/ subcontractors.
5. Participates in meetings with customers, APLNG project team members, and contractors/subcontractors to advise of project-specific mitigation plans, ES&H training program, and technical reports.
6. Stops work in dangerous situations or conditions having imminent adverse ES&H impact. Stipulates acceptable work practices that are to be implemented before the work can be resumed.
7. Coordinates with the GBU ES&H Manager on personnel activities, such as recruitment, policy administration, compensation administration, and employee development.
8. Supervises and conducts project accident investigations; documents factors contributing to an incident and prepares required reports.
9. Participates, as directed by the GBU ES&H Manager and Legal and Risk Management, at hearings or litigations involving recent or past injuries, accidents or work-related illnesses that occurred on projects/facilities.
10. Coordinates inspection tours of regulatory compliance officers who are auditing the project/facility for compliance with the Batam Island Indonesian government ES&H requirements. Accompanies the compliance officer(s) during the audit; ensures that all inspection reports are prepared and retained for legal defense should litigation result.
11. Develops cross-training for personnel in professional or discipline-specific skills, techniques, and procedures.
12. Supervises the operation of the medical/first aid treatment facilities.
13. Supervises implementation of project ES&H orientation and training of project manual/non-manual personnel.
14. Ensures environmental compliance inspections of project construction activities are conducted to monitor compliance with environmental requirements including contractual commitments, permits, and the Construction Environmental Control Plan (CECP).
15. Consults with occupational medical consultant in developing procedures which include sanitation and health inspections of facilities required to support the project for activities such as immunizations, rescue, emergency transportation, and evacuation.
16. Interprets applicable ES&H standards and supervises their integration into APLNG Module Yard and facilities processes and procedures.
17. Integrates Batam Island, client and Bechtel standards into a single document.
18. Executes other ES&H duties as assigned by GBU ES&H management.

Job Knowledge
• Advanced knowledge of a field of environmental and/or safety engineering, process safety, health or related discipline.
• Experience in supervising all aspects of ES&H on projects or facilities.
• Knowledge of national and international ES&H laws/regulations and regulatory/resource agencies permitting processes and responsibilities, industry standards for ES&H compliance, and best management practices for minimizing potential ES&H impacts during project execution.
• Knowledge of engineering and construction systems, methods and work processes.
• Knowledge of construction planning, estimating, procedures, and execution.
• Experience in managing and/or providing technical oversight of ES&H contractors/subcontractors or consultants during construction.
• Knowledge of construction environmental issues, e.g., hazardous materials, waste management, erosion and sediment control methods, and restoration techniques.
• Knowledge of Bechtel’s organizational structure, functions, and administrative procedures.
• Knowledge of technical vocabularies and terminology common to industrial hygiene, health physics, safety engineering, and environmental compliance.
• Experience in implementing ES&H training programs.
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